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Recipe fo Cloudy tofu cake with drizzle of rhubarb

Here is recipe of Cloudy tofu cake with drizzle of rhubarb.
Ingredients for 4: Chocolate cake 12cmØ -wheat flour 120g -sugar 116g -cocoa powder 12g -vanilla sugar 3g -baking soda 2g
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So yesterday was the big day and we think that it went super well. We had so much fun and it was so rewarding to see that the customers actually liked our food and gave us amazing feedback. 
7.30am Breakfast 8.00am Preparation 10.30am Lunch 11.00am Paking and transport 12.00-17.00pm Pop-up
This was kind of our timetable, it was more like a guideline we think :D But we got everything done on time and the food was delicious!

We started by going to the Entresse and we were very excited, eventough yesterday was such a long day. Everything was packed well, so it was easy to open everything up and set the place look good.

Here we have our Green burger, Riina is just putting some tofu paste under the tofu steak. We also had some kale with nettle pesto and cutted tomato for burgers.
Here is Jenna plating our rhubarb chocolate tofu cake, but we like to call it Cloudy tofu chocolate cake with a drizzle of rhubarb, fancy huh ? :D

After this we just served them to our customers, made more…

Prepation day

Today morning we started to preparate for the restaurant day. The second year students made lunch for us and it tasted amazing. Then we had a workshop Satokausikalenteri which was really interesting. We got to taste wild nature products such as apple cider vinegar birch leafs and ants. 
In the afternoon we went back to the kitchen. Our team worked really fast and everything went super well! We got everything done on time. :) Tomorrow is a new day, the GAME DAY! So thumbs up for us! :)
-Riina, Jenna, Lotta and Sanni

Sanni Leirisalo

My name is Sanni and I'm 20 years old. I'm a baker and pastry chef student. I have my own 4h company Herkkuland where I make cakes and pastries for order. 
Lotta and I came to this healhty future project in a very short notice and in addition we are both pastry chef students, not chefs. :D But we are both very openminded so this is just a nice challenge and way to learn new things on this field.
I don't have any pictures from our first day in kitchen but it's okay bacause there will probably be more pictures later on. All things considered I think we did great job in kitchen as a team with Lotta, Riina and Jenna. And I think we will have fun when the big day in kitchen arrives! :)

~ Sanni

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